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Project: Bunker Enhancement and Tee Box Improvement Project 

Client: The Ranch Golf Club

Location: Edmonton, Alberta 

The Ranch Golf Club is an 18-hole championship golf course and driving range facility set within the rolling hills, native tree stands and natural ponds of Edmonton’s west end.  The contoured greens, tree lined fairways and immaculate conditions are continuous proof of the Clubs rank as one of the best public golf courses in Alberta.  Specializing in corporate/tournament play The Ranch has long valued playability and fun over length and difficulty.  However, over the years, the Club began to realize that many of the (65) existing bunkers on the course were located in areas that penalize higher handicap golfers, have become obsolete by the latest golf technology, or required significant labor output to maintain.  For this reason, Ohnysty Crough Golf Design was commissioned in 2019 to provide design and shaping services for a complete bunker renovation project.  

The work generally included the removal of (32) bunkers; complete renovation of (33) bunker complexes; select tee box improvements; and adding creative contouring to green surrounds in the form of sharp fall offs, bail out areas, tightly mown slopes, turfed depressions, ridges, and expansive swales to create fun and interesting recovery shot opportunities.  In the end, the bunker renovation project at the Ranch Golf Club exemplified how quality golf course design can build upon the existing attributes of a property to create a unique, innovative and maintenance friendly golf course that can be enjoyed by all golfers, regardless of handicap.

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