Project: Hole #9 Green Complex and #14 Creek Bed Renovation Project

Client: The Ranch Golf Club

Location: Edmonton, Alberta 

Recently, the Ranch Golf Club commissioned Ohnysty Crough Golf Design to undertake the complete renovation of the 9th hole and to improve the aesthetics of a natural creek bed on the 14th hole.  Tasked with improving the existing turf growing conditions, playability, circulation and overall aesthetic of the existing golf hole, OC Golf designed and implemented a new 7,000sqft green complex, greenside bunkers, fairway and rough surrounds, and drainage installations.  The result is a demanding mid-length par 4 featuring a creatively contoured green complex, strategic greenside bunker and multiple bailout areas featuring interesting contour that will put recovery shots to the test. 

In addition, OC Golf Design completed a complete creek bed renovation project on the 14th hole.  Working within the natural alignment of the creek, the renovation project included the addition of two stone bridges, natural river stone rock installation and various drainage improvements.

Ohnysty Crough Golf Design 

56 Naples Way

St. Albert, Alberta, Canada 

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